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Development and evaluation of teachers, school leaders, and teacher education

Teachers, coordinators and school leaders work with a unanimous goal of developing complete individuals who can face success and failures in all examinations of life and come out as more mature human beings.

Education in school is not confined to classrooms and textbooks and teachers strive to impart life skills to their students. Teacher and school leader development focuses on considering the challenges and accomplishments of these staff members so as to guide them to perform better.

Following are some of the measures that can lead to the development of teachers and leaders in school:

Competent process for recruitment: Selecting the right person helps a great deal in developing the best teacher. The usual selection process comprises of eligibility criteria of education, training and certification. Experience and expertise are add-ons. If these criteria are revised in a better way, it helps the administrators to select the best candidates. Creating objective tests, questionnaires, discussions and other methods helps to test the commitment, knowledge and passion of the person. We often find teacher training for new schools in India today.
Grooming the teachers and leaders: Teachers have the pre-requisites required for their role. However, upgrading their knowledge is advisable. Teachers of higher classes can always add on to their education and research work. Those teaching the lower sections can opt for certifications and courses that focus on pedagogy. The development of teacher education in India has seen numerous such programs being implemented.
Evaluation and Engagement Criteria: Once the teachers acquire the additional skills, these needs to be implemented. Teachers should be encouraged to work on making the curricular and extra-curricular activities more applicable to the real life. Similarly, preparing students for various skill sets and maintaining the balance between weak, average and performing students is a skill that teachers should exhibit.


Thus a teacher, Principal or a school leader should be competent in a complete sense and should be able to perform the role of a friend philosopher and mentor for the students. This should be the ultimate aim of the development of teachers and school leaders.
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