How to start an IGCSE school – IGCSE recognition and procedure

The Indian General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an international board that is run by Cambridge, UK. There are several schools in India that have opted for the IGCSE affiliation. With increase in the number of people going abroad and a lot of them coming back to India as well, the international boards have gained popularity. IGCSE is one such board and since this education is recognized by UK, it has become all the more popular.

If you want your school to be an IGCSE affiliated school, you need to apply and go through the process. You first need to understand procedure to start an IGCSE school in India, their requirements and quality standards. For example, they have their exam patterns, methods of curriculum implementation and so on. If you think you can follow these, you can go ahead and fill the application form.

As you move ahead with this, you also need to get a staff that is trained and prepared for this education. The application is reviewed by the Cambridge local representatives and they visit the school. During the visit for IGCSE recognition, the aspects that are reviewed are:

  • Mission of the school and the educational values
  • Management and Leadership
  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Legal requirements
  • Physical environment of the school

Examination administration, security measures and documentation are also reviewed thoroughly. With respect to the visit, you either get completely approved, approved with conditions or you might get rejected. However, even if you are not approved, you can still discuss this and re-apply when you are prepared to satisfy the requirements.  If you get selected as a Cambridge school, you get a Welcome pack that describes the next set of actions to get started as a Cambridge school. The process may take three months or more depending on various conditions. The process involves the registration cost and the other set of expenditures that are essential to set up a Cambridge school.

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