School furniture, layout plans and interiors – Floor plans for schools

Designing and planning the school furniture and interiors is a project in itself. When you visualize a school, which could be a playschool, nursery school or a complete one till secondary classes, every section has its own distinct requirements of furniture and interiors.

Other than classes, you also need various rooms that need to be furnished appropriately. School architecture design is an important aspect in setting up a school.

Starting with classrooms, the pre-primary ones are expected to be colorful with pictures and charts on the walls. You can have small benches or table and chairs for the tiny tots. These classrooms require a play corner and cupboards that are required to stack toys, models and books.

As the objects have odd shapes and sizes, the cupboards need to be spacious and locked to keep things away from the reach of kids. The higher classes need a proper seating arrangement with other furniture items like glass board, white board, table and chair, racks and wall mounting arrangements.

Apart from the classrooms, layout of a school site requires a furnished office for the administrative staff, independent offices for Principal and Coordinator, a staff room, library, laboratories, canteen, sports room and a health center or at least a sick room.

Every room has its specific requirements of furniture and interiors. After the rooms are set up, you also need to order the equipments that need to be placed properly. The school interiors also include placing objects like fire extinguishers, emergency first aid kits, and potable water arrangements and so on.  Last but not the least, properly ventilated and hygienic toilets are also an important interior set up of the school.

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