School set up consultants can assist in smooth set up and operations

School set up is actually an end-to-end process that begins from designing a business plan for starting a school to executing it in a complete sense. It is not just the setting up of infrastructure and other facilities and equipments.

School set up also includes setting up the administration, the schedule and other assets as per the curriculum that is designed. It includes setting up the time table, academic calendar, curricular and co-curricular events.


School set up also includes setting up of academic and co-academic policies of behavior, code, conduct and so on. School set up is a step by step process. It begins with the setting up of the basic infrastructure that is developed into a school and class layout. Furniture, equipments and other accessories come in later.

The next step is setting up the staff and academic routine as per the curriculum. The calendars and brand set up come in simultaneously. Operations involve the academic and non-academic tasks to execute the school functions and are an important part of the school development plan.

Operations are related to finance, accounts, administration and academics. The finance and accounts sections operate to manage everything from capital investment, financial break up involved in school administration, fee structure, other charges and their expenditure on facilities developed in the school, profit derived and the utilization of the profit for the Society, salary structure of the staff, and other expenditures.

Administration takes into account the day to day functioning of the school other than academics and management of the non academic activities.

Academic operations include managing the entire academic calendar along with the curricular and extra- curricular activities. This is managed by the coordinator by taking into consideration the inputs from the Principal, Vice Principal and the teachers of the respective sections. We are school consultancy services and provide consultancy for school setup and operations in India.

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