Starting an International School ( ib school ) in India

International schools are gaining popularity in India nowadays. Schools affiliated to international boards and councils like IB, IGCSE are preferred by parents as they are believed to focus on the overall development of the child. These schools also provide the best of facilities with an advanced curriculum and coach the children in life skills and skills related to the future competitive atmosphere in their career. Every International affiliation procedure in India is specific to the board or the council.

If you are planning to start an international school in India, you first need to survey the various types of schools, their affiliation and the curriculum that they offer. You can visit these schools and observe their functioning and ask for their prospectus. You can compare the curriculum implemented in India with respect to the curriculum offered by the respective international board. You can also survey your location to decide the feasibility of your project.

Once you have made the preliminary survey and finalized the board, you need to study the affiliation process in detail to understand the procedure to open International School in India. These boards expect the norms to be strictly adhered to. You may thus require some time for ground work before you actually send an application across. The preparation involves various factors like capital, infrastructure, branding, curriculum based strategic planning and several other factors.

Once you apply to the board, you need to gear up for a visit by their officials. The visit is conducted to ensure that you are prepared to be an International school. Every board has a distinct inspection and evaluation process. After you get through this, you can await the further report.

Even after receiving the affiliation, the board reserves the rights to monitor the school functions to ensure that the curriculum is implemented in the correct way. However, there are certain flexibilities that they offer too. Thus it is not only the starting of school that is important but also managing it properly is equally significant.

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