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How to open a secondary school in India – Requirements

It is usually advisable to start a secondary school as an extension of the pre-existing primary school. This helps you in several ways. You are already prepared with the checklist of processes and documentation.

You are aware of the norms and guidelines for staring the school. Most of the set up processes are just an extension of the existing business. The very fact that you own a primary school makes your case stronger so as to get an approval for the secondary school for both, the affiliations and the sanctions. However, there are certain schools that are exclusively secondary and involve classes V to X.

Requirements for starting a secondary school in India can be listed as follows:

  • If you have finalized the city, decide the location of your secondary school by researching the market and the audience. They type of school is also an important aspect. For example, a locality in the vicinity of an IT hub will prefer an IB, ICSE or a CBSE school. Avoid locations that already have a network of well-established schools.
  • Decide the board or council for which you wish to apply for affiliation. This can help you get started with the set up and operations that are expected for the affiliations. In case you have a primary school, you can apply for affiliation for the extended classes and you can also start with a new affiliation from class V onwards.
  • As you prepare the documentation of the affiliation, you can simultaneously work on the legal documents, NOCs and other statutory approvals. Contact your local Municipal authorities, education department and health departments for more information.
  • Basic infrastructure, interior and human resource planning are a must for the approvals. These involve various aspects from land, building, layout, facilities and staff. Every board has its own set of conditions for a secondary school.
  • Marketing is an important aspect. Develop a complete and attractive website for your school. You also need to advertise through hoardings, handouts and other media. Advertising gets you a good response.
  • Fee structure and facilities need to be decided well in advance when you submit your business plan. You need to plan the fee structure that is convenient for parents and gives you profit too. You can also apply for government grants if you wish too.
  • Once you are all set for admissions, you need to understand the parents’ expectations and counsel them. Expectations at a high school level are different from those at the playschool or primary level.

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