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How to set up a cbse school in india- Learn about cbse school affiliation procedure

The Central Board of Secondary Education is a self-financing body that provides affiliation to primary and secondary schools in India. CBSE affiliated schools are prominent in India and parents are keen to get their kids pursue this education through this board. CBSE affiliation is a distinct process with their standards and requirements. You can even convert or create an extension of the CBSE affiliation in your existing school. CBSE provides provisional, regular and permanent affiliation that may be subjected to certain terms and conditions.

As you proceed with the setup of your school, you can get started with acquiring CBSE school affiliation procedure in India:

  • You can apply for CBSE affiliation if you are a private unaided school. Similarly Government aided or public sector schools and those supported by Government departments can apply too. You need to read the CBSE Bye Laws for affiliation and carefully understand the type and conditions of affiliations to apply for a suitable one.
  • You need to pay the affiliation fee as per the rules and duration specified.
  • If you are a private and unaided school, in order to be recognized as a CBSE school, you need to provide the following:
  • You need a recognition letter or NOC from the State Government or a request letter from the State Government for the new school.
  • If you are an education institute abroad, you need a recommendation from Indian Embassy.
  • A documented evidence of your society or Trust being a registered one under the appropriate act needs to be submitted.
  • You need to submit the ownership or lease of requisite land. This should be in the name of the school or the concerned Society/Trust. The lease, period is 30 years.
  • You need to submit documents related to the appointment of prescribed number of trained and qualified teachers as prescribed in the conditions. The payment of the staff should also be defined as per the State/Central Government rules.
  • Evidence in the form of an affidavit needs to be submitted to prove the non-proprietary nature of the Trust or Society that will manage the school.
  • Apart from the points listed above, you also need to understand other relevant requirements and complete the CBSE school opening procedure meticulously. Several other requirements and expectations related to infrastructure, student teacher ratio, facilities, curriculum and so on need to be looked into.

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