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Procedure to start an ICSE school in India

The Council of Indian School Certificate Examination, commonly known as ICSE is a popular mode of education in India. ICSE is supported by the Cambridge University local exams syndicate and hence has an international recognition. If you are thinking of starting a new ICSE school in India, you need to understand the requirements as listed below:

  • You need an NOC from the State Government to get the affiliation of the Council.
  • You need a registered Society or a Trust and also need a Managing Committee under them to manage the functioning of the school. There are certain terms and conditions related to the Trust or Society that you need to understand.
  • There are defined conditions for the assets like land, infrastructure, classrooms, and library and so on.
  • The appointment of number of teachers based on the student strength and their experience is also considered by the council.
  • Infrastructure, apparatus and equipments for teaching various subjects at all the levels is mandatory.
  • There are minimal requirements for examinations, fees, maintenance of school records and so on.

You can also apply for a provisional affiliation which can then be converted to a permanent one. Once you apply for the affiliation, you need to prepare for a visit.

After this inspection, the authorities decide whether the affiliation can be given to the school. In case you are rejected you can still consider for re-application after a period of time provided you complete the compliances for the procedure to start an ICSE school in India.

You also need to pay the fees for the provisional and permanent affiliation as required. If you later plan to start with the ISC classes, you need to understand the process for that affiliation as well.
We are school set up consultants and provide assistance on how to open an ICSE board school. We also provide help to follow the ICSE school bye Laws for affiliation.