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School academic audits and improvement programmes

School audits or academic audits are carried out to ensure that the academic policies that have been designed are adhered to and the relevant supporting documentation is in place.

The auditors also see to it that the adherence to these policies have benefitted the students and has raised the school performance. School academic audits can be carried out for individual schools or for a network of schools under a single institution.

The teaching staff and non teaching staff need to be a part of the audit. The school audit process also emphasizes on quality management in terms of human resources, infrastructure facilities and teaching methodologies.

The auditors usually recommend having standard templates and checklists for the audits. School improvement programs can be designed by the schools with an objective to improve student achievements and the effectiveness of teachers and school leaders. The programs can be customized based on the requirement of the school. Short term programs can analyze and design effective tools and resources for the overall quality performance.

A specially designed long program can have phases. Each phase can concentrate on various grades and types of students and study the teaching methods adopted for them and their effectiveness. Teachers need to be an active part of these programs so as to understand the students and work on the teaching methods.

Students are involved in this program through assessment sheets and evaluation questionnaires. The school improvement program can be conducted by the school authorities or the Society members. Based on the report of the current program, the goals for the next year are determined.

Measures to improve the drawbacks of the school are designed and followed. The program may be conducted at desired durations as required.

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