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Guidelines and requirements to Opening a Primary School in India

Primary education has received considerable emphasis in India in the last couple of decades. Be it the high class schools in urban areas or the simple small schools in the rural parts, primary schools are now a necessity as people are realizing the importance of education.

If you are planning to start your own primary school, it is indeed a great business idea but it also involves perfect planning of the requirements for opening a primary school in India and lot of efforts to keep it going great. The following points describe guidelines to start a new primary school in India:

The first step that is mandatory is to form a trust or a society of minimum three members and to get it registered under either the India Trust Act or Societies Registration Act. This society needs to be a Non-Profit organization which means that the profit derived from the school needs to be used for the education institute and not for personal benefits. It is advisable to involve other members who have an education related experience in the society.

Once you have registered the trust, you need to create a systematic business plan and also start working on it simultaneously. You should be able to explain and provide answers for every aspect of your business plan. This plan includes estimations and possible details of infrastructure, capital investment, budget plan, affiliations, human resources, recruitment, administration plan, other facilities, curriculum details and so on.

The task of acquiring a land in the area that you plan to open a school is very important. You can do this on a lease or purchase it. Having your own land is an advantage. You may be lucky to procure the land with a construction. If you are planning any particular board affiliation, ensure that you study their pre-requisites of land and infrastructure and make your plans accordingly.

Arrangement for the capital is also a significant task. You can avail lone from finance institutes, banks and other sources. Create and maintain your financial records to keep them hassle free.

The approvals of the education department and the local Municipal authorities are now required. For this, you need the detailed business plan along with the blue prints of the structure. If you have the construction ready, you can design it as per the proposed layout of classrooms, office and so on. If you have already applied for affiliation, you can also submit those records.

Application for the affiliation of a particular board or council can be started at this stage. You need to research the requirements and process for each board and then prepare for the submission. These requirements range from the specifications of the land to the recruitment and training of the staff. Accordingly, you can plan the human resources that you need to hire.

Next you need to plan the financial aspects of your school. This involves the fee structure and other charges that you plan to propose. The number of staff members, their salaries. This also includes the cost of the extra facilities and programs that you provide.

The most important step now is the advertisement and marketing of your brand. You can promote your brand through online and offline channels. You can hire professional help for brand strategies and advertising as it helps a great deal to advertise your school and gain more admissions. When the promotion begins, you will have a lot of enquiries from parents that you need to deal with and queries that you need to answer.

We are new school set up consultants in India and help you plan and proceed in a systematic way to successfully establish a primary school in India.